Patient Support

Full-Service Patient Support

Don’t get bogged down by dealing with patient technical support. Heally is here to help. From the moment the Heally platform is deployed at your clinic, our full-service support staff has you and your patients covered.

Help is Always

Heally support staff are available to help nationwide from 7 AM - 10 PM, 7 days a week.

We’re here to provide a solution to any problem or difficulty you or your patients are experiencing.

Heally’s front and back-office support system assists patients and providers to convert patients into a smooth and successful telehealth visit.

Our robust support staff takes care of SMS, phone calls, scheduling, chat support, and IT, letting you just focus on your patients.

End-to-end encryption
Video and chat functionality
In-visit note taking, and automatic record updates
Share screen capabilities

Adopting a telehealth platform offers flexibility, and makes it easier to attract new patients and reach existing ones.

Heally’s on-demand telehealth tool makes patient visits completely secure and seamless through:

Gain flexibility, convenience, and time, with tools to match the security and communication of in-office appointments.

Making Telehealth Effortless

Your patients will choose telehealth over in-clinic appointments after experiencing Heally’s seamless, intuitive platform and comprehensive support team. Meaningfully connecting with healthcare providers has never been easier.

Our team can also answer basic questions from patients regarding your clinic, including questions about pricing, your services, and the telehealth process.

Automated Messaging and Reminders
By automating patient communication workflows, our support staff makes sure everyone has the information they need, when they need it.
Appointment Follow Ups
Heally manages your patients’ follow-up visits campaigns that make it easy for your patients to stay engaged.
Chatbot Integration
Heally’s chatbot service ensures that patients get answers to any technical and administrative questions right away. Many patients prefer to use chatbots to get quick questions answered on your website.
Answering Service
Set your clinic up with an answering service for patients that prefer phone calls. Heally takes care of scheduling new appointments, taking messages, collecting caller information, and answering basic troubleshooting questions.
Patient/Provider Tech Support
Our full-service, always available support staff makes telehealth seamless and convenient — for you as well as your patients. Gain the benefits of bringing telehealth to your clinic, without any of the tech headaches. Heally’s platform is intuitive to use, but we’re here if you need a little extra support.

What Physicians say about Heally Telehealth

“Since I began using Heally, their support team has been there every step of the way. I’ve been able to reduce my administrative overhead, and have more time to spend with patients.”
Lee Grant
“I’m not very tech-savvy, but I didn’t have to take time away from my practice to add telemedicine to my clinic. Heally offers client support, website integrations, and automated patient engagement as part of the package, so I’ve gained all the benefits of telehealth without having to worry about any tech issues.”
Roberta Barker
“I can barely operate my phone, so I’m grateful that there are patient support specialists at Heally to deal with any technical issues my patients have.”
Vera Russell

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