Your Clinic’s E-Commerce Solution

Create your own holistic online store and sell your alternative medicine products using the Heally Marketplace. In addition to your products, you can fill out your e-commerce store by choosing from a catalog of 13,000 alternative health items.

Customized Shopping
for Patients

Easily help your patients find the best products.

Create custom carts for patients during or after a completed visit. Your patients can complete their appointment and shopping at the same time, and you can be confident that your patients are receiving high-quality alternative medicine products.

The Heally Marketplace gives you the ability to advertise products before patients start their visit.

Offer deals and promote new products or services while patients are in the queue to begin their appointment. Heally’s automated communications software can help you optimize promotions and reach new patients through your online store.

Offer more options for your patients and reach a bigger market for your products.

From tinctures to topicals and CBD to supplements, the Heally Marketplace is a comprehensive alternative medicine shopping destination for patients, with an established customer base to whom you can sell your products.

End-to-end encryption
Video and chat functionality
In-visit note taking, and automatic record updates
Share screen capabilities

Adopting a telehealth platform offers flexibility, and makes it easier to attract new patients and reach existing ones.

Heally’s on-demand telehealth tool makes patient visits completely secure and seamless through:

Gain flexibility, convenience, and time, with tools to match the security and communication of in-office appointments.

Effortless E-Commerce

Have your e-commerce solution up and running almost immediately with Heally. Don’t worry about web development, payment security, or website integrations. Get your products online and available to your patients today!

Easily Create
an Online Store
Boost product sales and give your patients easy access to your line of products. Heally offers the most effective way to create an online store for your clinic and will save you from needlessly spending time and money adding e-commerce to your website.
Catalogue of
Products to Stock
With the Heally Marketplace, you can stock your e-commerce store from a catalog of over 13,000 products. Offer your patients a comprehensive shopping option to complement the sales of your own alternative medicine products.
Custom Carts
for Patients
Add to your patient’s shopping cart while you are connected. You can make sure they are getting the alternative medicine that they need while benefiting from your insight and advice in real-time, all while creating more revenue for your practice.
Easily Promote
Product advertisements, deals, and discounts can be offered while a patient is in the queue to see a provider. Just like the ads that run on the screen while you wait for a movie to begin the theaters, you too can effortlessly promote your newest products.
Ship Everywhere in
the US
It doesn’t matter where in the country you or your patients are — with Heally you can provide them with telehealth services and product shipping anywhere in the US.

What Physicians say about Heally Telehealth

“Heally allowed me to easily set up an online store. No web development or massive overhauls of my website were needed. My patients love the ability to shop using my recommendations during appointments, and it gives me confidence knowing exactly what products they are receiving.”
Dorian Harvey
“I have my own white-labeled product line. Heally takes care of both the e-commerce logistics and the marketing of my product line so I can spend more time with my patients.”
Oriel Hodgson
“I’ve managed to increase revenue for my practice by adding product recommendations. Patients can click to purchase the supplements they need and it’s shipped directly to them. The patients love the convenience and I love the increased product sales.”
Ella Frazier

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