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for Alternative
Medicine Clinics

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Heally’s mission is to bring alternative health clinics online with an all in one, easy to use telehealth platform.

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Partner with us and see patients more easily. Your complete telehealth software solution is here! Support your growth with a secure EMR medical software that streamlines lead generation, digital patient interactions, and revenue cycle management.

Lead Gen/Marketing
Find and help patients who are looking for your services.
Digital Intake
Our self-service patient enrollment platform makes adding patient info to a secure EMR medical software suite a breeze.
Appointment Scheduling
Better manage patient flow and staffing.
HIPAA Video Conference
Easy-to-use secure telehealth software makes digitally expanding holistic health clinics easy.
AI Powered Charting
Spend less time record-keeping and more time with your patients.
E-Billing & Payment Processing
Fast, secure payment, straight to your bank account.
HIPAA compliant digital records when and where you need them.
Patient Support Department
7 am-10 pm, 7 days a week - Your patients are our priority.
No Startup Fees
Deploy the Heally technology in seconds with ZERO startup cost. We have a flexible pay structure, monthly plans or pay as you go.
The Heally telehealth software converts 25% more leads of patients who came to your website, through automated email and sms messages.
Payments, Billing, And Revenue
Centralized payment processing management, billing, and revenue reporting make your revenue cycle easier to manage, while an available two-payer system allows you to pay the doctors of your holistic health clinics directly from the system.
Electronic Medical Records
The secure/HIPAA compliant EMR medical software manages patient intake forms, charting, and medical document uploads with a click of a button.

Our Customers Love Us

Heally allowed me to market and engage with my patients through automated email and text message campaigns. My follow up visit rate has significantly increased.

Dr. Cheryl Bugailiskis

Heally is a business in a box for us. We are able to manage payments, records, scheduling, and even consult with our patients online. As a new business, lead generation and automated, one-click marketing campaigns are really helping to fuel our growth.

Dr. Robert Milanes

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